Reduces horseflies by 90%.

A solution for the horsefly problem at last.
In warm and wind-free summer weather, horses are constantly bothered by horseflies. The Fly-in horsefly trap is a simple solution for this annually recurring problem.

The horsefly period is the most annoying time of the year for both horses and horse owners. There isn’t a spray or swatter that can cope. Protective blankets for the head and neck often offer inadequate protection.

The Fly-in horsefly trap puts a natural and especially effective end to the horsefly plague!


How does the horsefly trap work?

The horsefly trap works by misleading the horseflies.

• the horsefly looks for a “victim” to suck their blood

• it is attracted by the moving rubber ball

• it lands on the ball and tries to sting it

• it cannot do so and flies away (horseflies can only fly away vertically)

• it ends up in the trap

• it is trapped and dies

Advantages of the horsefly trap

• the horsefly trap works as soon as the horseflies become active

• the horsefly trap works without pesticides or other chemicals

• the horsefly trap does not require electricity

• easy to install

• the trap is easy to empty

Where does it work?
Wherever there are horseflies!

• in the stables

• in the fields

•in the arena

• in the garden

• in the paddock

• in the training carousel